Friday, August 3, 2018

Getting Visa Vietnam for HongKong citizen

Getting a Vietnamese visa for an HongKong passport holder or traveler and businessman from HongKong is fast, cheap and easy. Just register online to receive the letter of approval from Vietnam Immigration Department, then get a visa when you come to Vietnam, no embassy or consulate, can not send passport. Your Visa Vietnam will save you a lot of time and money to apply for a visa, 100% legal and approved by the Department of Immigration.

The procedure for applying for a Vietnamese visa is now simpler for travelers who do not want to travel to Vietnam for tourism or business purposes.

It's even easier and faster for you to get your visa online with us. Please see the four steps below:

Step 1: Click here and fill out the online form.

Step 2: Select payment method and pay service fee

Step 3: Check your inbox for your approval letter within 24 hours (or up to 48 hours).

Step 4: When you arrive at the designated Vietnam airport, present this letter, stamp and visa fee for your Vietnam visa.

In the first step, you need to choose the type of visa that best suits your needs. A single visa allows you to enter Vietnam only once within the validity of your visa, many visas allow you to access and exit Vietnam as much as you can within the validity of the visa. Really yours. The date of entry is the expected date of arrival and your departure date is interpreted in the same way. Remember you can not enter Vietnam before your arrival date and you may not want to get in trouble trying to leave Vietnam after departure. The purpose of the visit is not important because you can enter Vietnam with your visa whether you choose business or travel purposes. For personal details, please enter exactly the same information as in your passport.

After entering all the required information and clicking Next, you will automatically be taken to Step 2 to make the payment. There are four main payment methods to choose from: PayPal, credit card, western union and bank transfer, please select the most convenient method for you and pay the service fee.

Vietnam after arriving in HongKong After all your payments are successful, all you have to do is wait and we will meet all your troubles as well as complicated paperwork. Messages to arrange messages. Your approval. Within 24 hours (or 48 hours at the latest) your approval letter will be ready in your inbox email so you can print out.

To save time at the airport, you can click here to download the entry and exit form, complete the information in advance (request 2 copies) and paste your passport photo on the forms. .

Once you have your approval letter in hand, you can easily get on your plane and flight to Vietnam. When you arrive at the Vietnam airport, please go to the business registration counter, present your passport and two passport size photos, fill out the registration form / exit and pay stamp duty. Finally, the immigration officer will stamp the visa on your passport.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Get your Vietnam visa for Hong Kong

As a Hong Kong citizen, you need a Vietnam visa for Hong Kong to enter Vietnam. There are two basic ways to apply for this important travel document as listed below:

Procedures for applying directly in Vietnam visas at the Embassy of Vietnam in China
This option requires the following from the visa applicant:
- The application for a valid visa
- The presence of the applicant at the Embassy of Vietnam
- Applicants pay periodic visa fees and follow the procedural steps given to them during the visa application process.

Online registration procedures for Vietnam visas in Hong Kong
This option requires the following from the visa applicant:
- The application for a valid visa
- The internet connection works
- Candidates follow the procedures and procedures in the process of applying for a Vietnam visa for Hong Kong

See more details below for each of the two methods above to apply for and obtain a Vietnam visa for Hong Kong

Get a Vietnam visa for Hong Kong at the Vietnam Embassy in China
When applying for a Vietnam visa to Hong Kong at the Embassy of Vietnam, you must first meet the following requirements to qualify as a visa applicant:

You have a valid visa application including:
• A valid passport that you have obtained more than six months prior to your visa application date
• Two passport photos that you have taken within the last 6 months from your current date.
If the above requirements are met a candidate must present himself / herself at the Vietnam embassy in order to complete the visa application. Applicants must also pay a visa fee in the process of applying for a Vietnam visa at the embassy. More information about the requirements and procedures at the Embassy of Vietnam can be obtained by contacting the Embassy of Vietnam in China through the following contacts:

Consulate General of Vietnam in Hong Kong, China
15/F, Great Smart Tower, 230 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, China.
Phone: (852) 2591 4517 or 2591 4510
Fax: (852) 2591 4524 or 2591 4539

Online application procedure for Vietnam visas in Hong Kong:
Applicants can apply for a Vietnam visa to Hong Kong on the Internet. This procedure requires a reliable connection to the internet and, in relation to the letter of approval, it is a provisional identification document for successful applicants in the visa application process. The following steps must be taken by visa applicants in the process:

• Visit our website and download the visa application form there. Fill in the space provided on the form with valid information about you.
• Delete visa fees for us online according to our guidelines.
• Wait for our approval letter by email within 48 hours.
• Download the approval letter and print it out for identification as your provisional identification as you wait for your adult visa.

Here's how to use your approval letter to apply for a Vietnam visa:
• Use approved paper prints to identify yourself when boarding a plane to Vietnam.
• After arriving at any international airport in Vietnam (Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai or Da Nang), please present your passport at the 'Visa on Arrival' office at the Embassy of Vietnam.
• Pay the visa service fee for a visa stamped in your passport and hand it over to you immediately.
With these three steps, you now have a valid Vietnam visa and you can travel around Vietnam within the validity period. However, applicants must meet the following conditions before commencing the visa application process:

Conditions for obtaining a Vietnam visa for Hong Kong
• Applicants must have a valid passport that has been purchased more than six months prior to the date of visa application. However, passports should be valid for longer than expected visas.
Applicants must complete a visa application form with valid data that matches the information in their passport.
• Applicants should only choose the online application procedure for air travel.